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 Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines   Rules and Guidelines Icon_minitimeMon Oct 17, 2011 11:27 am

Welcome to Hobnobbing
We are a small group of Hunger Games fanfiction writers who work as peers to improver our writing and have demonstrated through previous work that we are serous about submitting and completing stories. Through the Quarter Quill forums, we offer each other critique, support and a place to brainstorm.

We are in the early stages of developing this critique group, and as such, have limited the group to five to ten writers. We are not currently seeking new members. As this site is not meant to replace an open archive, such as Fanfiction.net, forums are private to members only. Published stories may be viewed at the authors' individual profiles at said archives.

Membership Rules:

Rules and guidelines are subject to change at the discretion of the admin and moderators.

  1. Members must be 18 years or older or risk deactivation.
  2. Registrants must be activated by an admin.
  3. In order to be activated, registrants must reply to the Welcome email with all
    of the required information within five days of receiving it, or s/he will be
    deactivated. S/he will be able to register again at any time.
  4. We accept Hunger Games fanfiction only.
  5. Members are required to participate: both post work for
    critique and critique others. No lurkers or readers.
  6. Member inactivity: Members are disabled after 60 days of inactivity
    (exceptions: vacations, illness, away at college, other circumstances by prior arrangement.)
  7. Effort will be made to contact inactive members to see if
    they are interested in reactivating their membership.
  8. Members will have to email one of the group moderators
    for reactivation.
  9. If a member is still found to be inactive after 90 days
    their membership will be deleted.
  10. No boards will be deleted from the workshop without
    several attempts at obtaining the author’s permission. (They might be locked or set to
    invisible, depending on the forum’s setting capabilities.)
  11. Inflammatory behavior will result in immediate banning
    without reactivation.
  12. Writers agree not to steal ideas from each other.
    Borrowing with express permission is allowed. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  13. Stories may NOT contain the following:

    1. SYOT or self-insertion.
    2. Erotica.
    3. Graphic sex scenes, rape, nonconsensual sex, bondage,
      Sado-Masochism or bestiality. Unsure about what constitutes graphic/non-graphic sex? Ask the admin to preview the story for you.
    4. PWP (Porn without plot).
    5. Crossover characters or fandoms.

Further Guidelines:

  1. Sexual encounters must be between consenting individuals.
    Teen encounters could be okay if they’re both of similar age. A good guideline is that
    teens should be of the legal age of consent (we like 16 and older) with partners of similar age,
    adult/minor relations are frowned upon but could be okay for older teens.
  2. Prostitution references can be seen as somewhat canon in
    regards to Victors and cash-strapped individuals in District 12. No graphic rule still
    applies. Not all critique group members will want to read these kinds of stories.
  3. Stories containing adultery and/or random sexual
    encounters will be accepted if they
    were clearly integrated and necessary to the characterization and
    the plot of a story – in other words, there has to be a plot. Plots are the ideal - no PWP (porn
    without plot) allowed.
  4. AU stories are acceptable.
  5. Why no crossover fics?
    We feel readers can’t provide meaningful comment on a story if they
    aren’t familiar with the other fandom.
Disclaimer: These rules and guidelines aren't meant to be a judgment on a story that contains any of the above. If a member wishes to write a story including these elements, s/he can certainly ask a member to critique it off of the boards.
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Rules and Guidelines
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